Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vegan eating is here to stay...

My vegan week is over, yet I find myself unwilling to let go. I had chicken for dinner last night, and it was so...blah. I would much have preferred one of the yummy dishes I had last week, or try a new one again. For me, I think this vegan thing is here to stay, at least mostly. I don't feel the need to cut out all animal products forever, but I certainly love the way eating right makes me feel. The alternative just doesn't seem worth it anymore. I had the vegan oats again for breakfast, so good and filling! I love the feeling from eating something so healthy, so tasty, and so filling, it's just so satisfying! And I must say, I haven't had such a natural abundance of energy and drive in a long time, imagine getting that from nature! I definitely plan to pursue a lifestyle of 'vegan lite', we'll call it. Day to day I definitely want to maintain it, but it would be nice to be able to meet friends for dinner at the last minute, or go to a bbq on the weekend, and be able to eat whatever and not make a fuss. Vegan eating, welcome to my life!

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