Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Vegan Adventure

For one week, I will become a complete vegan. No animal product of any kind will pass through my lips, and I will place an emphasis on gluten-free, organic meals as well. I will be cooking and baking everything from scratch.
What prompted this (extreme) challenge? The vegan lifestyle has always intrigued me, but I have long hesitated doing anything about it. Well, the time has come, everything has lined up, and I have no excuse not to! I will be using recipes exclusively from Angela Liddon at, and reviewing each one.
I feel like my body needs a bit of a cleanse, and a re-charge. I want natural energy, rather than a coffee dependency. I want to feel good about the foods I am eating, and strong and healthy.
I think the hardest part will be devoting a large portion of my time to preparing all of the meals, but I am up for the challenge, and hopeful that this is the beginning of something wonderful and healthful!

I am also going to be starting p90x, eek! I am totally nervous for this challenge, but my body needs exercise and a gym membership is not in the budget! I am telling you this mostly to keep me accountable, that I will actually do it, every single day!

Cheers to a wonderful week!


  1. Katie!! I'm so proud of you!! I can't wait to hear about your vegan week!!!!!!

  2. Thank you Laura, I'm grateful for your support and encouragement, I can't wait to share about it! :)

  3. I personally think that it is wonderful. I did a detox awhile back and found there are so many things that just don't make me feel good. I cut out meat and feel so much better. Good luck on vegan. I think it is exciting :-) Way to go Katie!!