Sunday, January 29, 2012

To Milk or Not to Milk...

I've never in my life straight up drank a glass of milk. Like ever. Not even when I was a kid. I've never been a fan, the thought of drinking cow juice grosses me out (After reading Skinny Bitch and this section on dairy I'm grossed out forever and ever! Here's a link to an excerpt of it, I found it online and haven't looked into the blog so can't vouch for it...yet...). I'm the person who eats cereal with a fork (to let all the excess milk drip off) or with a spoon and tilt it each time to drain the extra milk. Get the picture? :)
Having said that, I am a fan of almond milk. I eat way too much tofu as it is so I don't need the added soy in soy milk, rice milk has too many carbs for me, and coconut milk is good, but I just prefer my milk in almond form. I use it mainly in Green Monsters, vegan overnight oats and in most everything I bake.
Here is the conundrum: I have recently wanted to make my own almond milk; it is extremely easy with few ingredients, and leaves out all of the stuff you find in every container, no matter the brand (that I know of). Saving money and the quality level as added bonuses to making my own are great, but...
It only lasts a few days. I researched several recipes and every one of them stated that the milk lasted anywhere from 2-5 days, max. Even though making it is simple, I'm not sure it's worth doing every few days. And what if I don't use it all and some goes bad?
What would you do?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hard is Good, Easy Rots Your Soul

I was reading over an old journal I kept the first half of 2008- my last several months in YWAM, and the last time I took an international trip. The very last page was filled with memories and lessons learned that I didn't want to forget. The very last one was a quote we commonly said to each other then, 'Hard is good, easy rots your soul!'
Those words pierced my heart; exactly, perfectly what I needed to hear in this moment. I used to thrive on a life of unknowns, living in the day and letting God plan the rest. I was blissed out in my relationship with Him, and learning ever more about a Christ-filled life and living in community with others.
Fast forward 4 years, and I so far from who I was. God is not in the forefront of my mind, thoughts and least like He once was. My prayers are perfunctory and selfish. Quiet time? Never. I still live in community...the military community, not quite the same. I am the most important thing in my life right now, not Jesus. Before, I prayed about every little thing, now, hardly anything. My marriage is much the same, it is two of us, not three, with God in the center. It is my own doing.
It was an argument that drove me upstairs and eventually to that old journal, desiring to take myself from the present and into the past, a simpler and so joyous time. The topic of the fight isn't important, but my selfish behavior had everything to do with it. We kept going round and round, each not hearing the other and going for the head instead of the heart. I left feeling kind of hopeless, unsure how we would ever reach a peaceful resolution and a 'win/win' situation.
But as with any situation in my life that was difficult/painful, I came out of it so much the better; it was in those times that I was being refined, those situations that helped lay the foundation of my character. And all the arguments between my husband and I have only made us stronger and more closely bonded.
And that gives me hope.
Bring on the hard, for easy rots my soul.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Catch-Up

My how long it has been since my last post! Since October...

1. My husband came home from his first deployment! He came home a month and a half early (yay!) and arrived home a few days before Halloween.

2. We both went home to California for a couple of weeks after he got back for R&R (and he really missed all of his friends and family. :)

3. Thanksgiving came around, and we spent it with our military family, so blessed!

4. We went back to Las Vegas and moved into a new house! Let me tell you, moving all of your earthly possessions...when it is just the two of a feat no one should ever suffer through. My back still hurts.

5. Christmastime! We spent the day apart, as he had to work, but I was lucky enough to spend it with some wonderful friends!

6. My family came! They weren't able to make it for Christmas, but did come the day after! We managed to convince them to stay through the New Year, and were able to enjoy spending a whole week with them!

7. 2012! It's the start of a new year, and I was so blessed to ring it in with my hubby this time!

It has been a whirlwind few months! Things have finally settled down; we are happily living in our beautiful home, Ryan has adjusted to a new work schedule, and I am still in school, looking forward to getting my certificate in June!

I think that has summed the last few months up pretty well! I plan on doing a much better job keeping everything up to date and posting much more often! Until then...