Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting old.

At 25, many may scoff and say that I know nothing of getting old...well, age 'aint nothin' but a number! I present to you 5 reason why I know I'm getting old:

1. I like to go to bed at a decent hour, and wake up at a decent hour. I like to actually experience and enjoy the morning. I hate feeling like I've wasted the day by sleeping the morning away.

2. Most of the time, I prefer a good book or a quiet night with a good friend over staying out all hours partying. Getting drunk holds no appeal for me, the consequences just are not worth it anymore!

3. My back hurts. Perhaps it's just my less than stellar mattress, but man, I ache a lot!

4. I make my decisions based on the consequences of those actions, on what the outcome will be. According to professionals, decision-making of this kind is a sign of adulthood.

5. I can't think of a 5th, but I think 4 shall do.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

We're going to...


We will be there for three whole days, and I can not wait to be able to legitimately act like a kid again! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You can't go home again...or can you?

One year after marrying my G.I. Joe and moving to the desert wasteland that is Las Vegas, we are home! Thomas Wolfe once said that you can’t go home again; I understand that to mean that after spending a significant amount of time living away from home, as you define it, going back again will never be the same. While I agree that nothing can really stay the same, I disagree with this overall thought. You absolutely can go home again, if that is where your roots are. For me, home is the city I grew up in; no matter how much it changes, it will always be my hometown, where I experienced major and permanent life changes. It's where I learned to be me.
Home is also where my family is. At the end of the day, nothing in the entire world (except my faith) matters more to me than my family, and wherever they are, is where I want to be. 
We currently live in Las Vegas, but this city will never be my home. I view it as just a place where we happen to be living, it will never hold a significant, or even minor, place in my heart, except perhaps as the place my new husband and I began our journey as a family together. 
I do realize that as a military wife this is not a beneficial mindset, well, you can’t win ‘em all. 
Being home feels like being wrapped up in a hug. It’s comforting, familiar, and, well, homey. There is no place like it! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A return.

I had a blog once, and for all of the errors in punctuation, grammar and spelling, it was pretty good. I spent a few years having a lot of adventures, and I had a lot to write about. I haven’t even logged onto that blog since 2009, and the site is pretty defunct. Since the last post, I honestly felt like I didn’t have a lot to say, I felt like my life got pretty boring. I’ve accepted that just because I am no longer traveling the world, I still have interesting things to say, and that my life isn’t boring. I don’t have a specific idea or unifying theme for this blog, other than just writing about my life, but my hope is that it becomes a place to decompress, to be surprised, a place of enjoyment and a source of strength. I intend to offend no one, but to also speak truth, thoughts, and feelings as I know and experience them. I hope you enjoy!