Monday, July 18, 2011

The Pillow

I was reading a novel one day, about an Amish family. One of the characters owned a quilt shop, and a lot of the story was centered around that. Suddenly I got inspired to make my own quilt! I thought, how hard can it be? Cut a bunch of fabric, stitch it together! My grandma is a great seamstress, so I went to her and asked for her help. Luckily, she knew just how big of an undertaking a project like a quilt is, and suggested we make a pillow first, using the same design that I wanted to make the quilt with. These pictures follow the journey as I made my first, very own pillow! I had such a great time making it, and loved being able to spend the time with the grandma helping me. I'm still ready to tackle the quilt...I just need a LOT of preparation beforehand!

The supplies, before the magic happened! Hehe.

My grandma's sewing machine, authentically retro 1960's! Very cool day my grandpa was home sick, and my grandma was working on her sewing machine, making clothes for my mom and aunt. The sewing machine she was using was very old and breaking down, she kept cursing at it and had a terrible time trying to get anything done. My grandpa overheard her, and quietly called a store and ordered a brand new machine to be delivered to the house for my grandma! Such a sweet story, and she has been using it ever since! 

Getting everything cut and ready to go!

Getting all of the pieces laid out...

Pinning and sewing together the different patches...

                                                                The top is finished!

                           Sewing on the velcro to close the pillow in...hey, it's my first time! :)

The finished product! Thank you grandma for all of your help, I couldn't have done it without you!


  1. I love it!! I made a t-shirt quilt as my first project...and it definitely was done by an amateur! I'm tackling my 2nd quilt now and it's quite the project. I love the design of yours with the black in between each square :)

  2. this is aunt debbie, not anonymous! I can't get a comment to post any other way lol. You did a great job on the pillow; it's beautiful :)

  3. :) Thank you both for the beautiful compliments!

  4. Coming from a crafty (and talented!) lady like yourself, I take that to heart, thank you! :)