Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Recent events and my take on them

The Royal Wedding:

Yes, I watched, and yes, I was excited about it. As much hype as there was here in America, it seemed to me that most people didn't care and thought it was unnecessary to make such a big deal out of it. Well, we don't have royals here, we don't understand the historical context of it. While they have no real political power anymore, and are figureheads more than anything else, the fact that it is still such an integral part of life in Britain gives us a clue to it's importance. Britain was founded on the monarchy, it is a cornerstone of their country, and it actually infiltrates into our society more often than one might think. Remember that movie The Other Boleyn Girl? Or Elizabeth with Cate Blanchett? All about the monarchy. The King and Queen, and the new Duke and Duchess, play important roles in society, and we would be remiss to overlook that.
The news is filled with so much bad, it was nice for a change to focus on the good. Weddings are happy occasions, why not take one day and just celebrate love?

The killing of Osama Bin Laden:

This one is definitely more controversial than a wedding. I am a person of faith (conventionally, a Christian, but I don't really like associating myself with that word; more often than not negative images...need I say more than Westboro Baptist Church...come to mind when one hears that word, and that is not my brand of faith). I am sad that he will spend eternity apart from God, but I am happy that goodness prevails. I am so extremely proud of my country, and especially the men who took part in the operation. I feel like it hits a little closer to home than otherwise; my husband is in the military and preparing to deploy, a direct result of the actions of that man. At the end of the day, I am glad to be living in a world with just a little less evil...for now.


  1. I'm glad we were able to watch both events together with some awe and some tears.

  2. Well said...about both events :)

  3. Me too, Laura. :)
    Thank you Aunt Debbie. :)