Thursday, May 19, 2011

Seven days.

One week down, and a seemingly endless amount to go. I do feel rather accomplished about this first week, though. No major breakdowns (just a couple teeny ones :), no temper tantrums or (major) pity parties.
Breathe in, breath out.
Take it just one day at a time.

I constantly work on remembering the bigger picture, and why I am going through such a tough phase. My husband has answered a higher calling, and it is my duty to encourage him and release him into that role; to allow him to leave me for long periods of time, fighting for and ensuring the peace and security of our nation, and the same for others. In many ways I feel like the lucky one, what an honor it is to be in this position, to be the wife of such a noble man. I am continuously proud of him.

It seems like the phrase we military spouses hear from civilians more than any other is, 'You signed up for it.' Excuse me, no I did not. The paper I signed bound me to my husband. He may have signed up for it, but I signed up for him. No amount of research or practice can prepare you for this lifestyle. Jumping in feet first is the only way you can do it, and learn how to swim along the way. Of course there are certain things you know ahead of time that come with the territory; moving around a lot and deployments being a no brainer. Even still, it is a constant learning curve, and I believe that the successful spouses are the ones who learn and embrace just rolling with it.

Anyway, one week down. It's something.


  1. I agree with you 100%! I hate when I hear, well you signed up for it. No, I signed a paper saying I'm married to my husband. No amount of research can prepare you for, military, deployment or anything like this. If Matthew ever deployed I'm not sure how I'll take it, especially with Elijah. But, I have you! And I know its going to hard, for you, and its going to seem like its going forever, but you can do this, because you have one thing some people dont have, the Lord Jesus Christ! :-) love you Katie Bug!

  2. Well said Katie. I too am extremely proud of him and what he has decided to do, it is an awesome responsibility.
    And your job as a military wife is a difficult one as well....but as you said in your last two posts - life has almost prepared you for this in some strange way.
    As I told Ryan when we were there - it's not the challenges we face, but how we react to them that define us.

  3. Very well put Katie! I would think that the first week is the hardest and you have done extremely well :) I agree with you, you can research something forever but it is the real experience that prepares you. I'm sure it is difficult and will get hard but I know that you will make it through! Like Mandy said, you have a strong relationship with our Lord and Savior and that will get you through ANYTHING!