Sunday, April 17, 2011

Friendship vs. Relationship

A friend is someone you can count on. Someone you want to share the good's and the bad's in life. They call you on you crap, and see the best in you. It really is like a relationship. And it takes work. A lot. If the person is worth it. Being a military family, I am mostly likely in for a lifetime of making new friends, and moving away from the old.
I think a mark of true friendship is the test of long distance. Unfortunately I am horrible at keeping in touch with long distance friends. I hate talking on the phone and avoid it at all costs (a leftover from my childhood epic shyness, maybe?). Thanks to Facebook and status updates, I feel more connected and up to date on my friends lives than I really am. Fortunately I am really good at meeting up with someone and picking back up exactly where we left off without missing a beat.
One thing I know, we weren't created to go through life alone. Living life with friends by your side is essential to healthy growth and development. And so, so wonderful.
I really feel like each and every one of my friend's is a gift, and I want to show them just how special they are to me. Perhaps just by listening rather than talking. Giving a hug unprompted.

I guess at the end of the day my goal is to be the kind of friend I want in return.

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