Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A little bit Green Monster

This was my breakfast. No joke. I had heard of the Green Monster Movement but was seriously skeptical; how on earth could blended spinach possibly taste good? It was like, too much health for me! I couldn't stop thinking about it though, it was intriguing and honestly a little disgusting sounding, and just like, waaay too healthy, a girl has her limits. 
Until now. 
Curiosity got the best of me and I finally worked up the courage to try spinach and fruit in liquid form. It was...not bad! I fully made it expecting to dump it all out, but instead I drank the entire glass!!

With a basic recipe like this, even the harshest of skeptics can be won over! I would like a membership to the Green Monster fan for life club please! (Did I really just say that? :)

Lunch was leftover tofu from yesterday. Man that I could that stuff everyday, it is so good! 

Tonights theme was Mexican food! I made Chickpea Tacos, Spanish Quinoa, polenta chips (I came up with this one on my own!) and Fire-Roasted Salsa (from cookbook).

After we all finished eating, my family said that it was so good they would have it again! Score! The chickpeas were an interesting (and healthful!) twist on traditional tacos, but made perfect sense, when roasted with a combination of spices, took on the flavor of taco meat and held their own with substance, they definitely have a meaty texture and were just wonderful! I used Veggie Shreds for the cheese, a non-dairy vegan cheese, and was pleasantly surprised! The texture was the same, and my family didn't even know it wasn't real cheese until I told them! The Spanish Quinoa was so good, it tasted exactly like spanish rice, but better! The Fire-Roasted Salsa was a snap to put together, and so tasty that my dad tried hoarding the bowl at the dinner table, lol! The polenta chips were my own design, and were a good first attempt, but definitely need a little tweaking. I sliced a tube of organic polenta into thin slices and put them on a cooling rack I put over a cookie sheet and baked them at 450 for 30 minutes. They definitely needed a higher temp to get truly crispy like chips, but seasoned with nothing but a little salt made them delicious, and addicting like chips are! Overall this was one of my most successful meals! 
Until tomorrow...


  1. Ooooh.... you tried the Green Monster!!!! I'm so impressed. Glad to hear you liked it!! Guess it's my turn to bite the bullet and give it a try!

  2. My mom tried a little this morning and said that it doesn't have much flavor, and it's true. I think the creaminess of the banana cuts the acidity of the spinach and the ice kind of washes over everything. So while it looks totally gross, it's pretty mellow in flavor and easy to swallow. :)

  3. Love it. Think that I might have to try all of these recipes.

  4. You will not be disappointed!

  5. I'd like the Spanish quinoa recipe please

  6. Duh, I clicked the word and found it! xox